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“I was looking for a house to move to which is smaller and less expensive to heat than the one I live in now. Other things like location, amenities and things to do in the area are of vital importance to me. I came across Hazel and was very impressed with the way they ask the right questions and made me think more about what is important to me regarding the next place I’d like to live. It was a much more focussed experience than talking to an estate agent or going through reams of sales details online. The houses that came up as a result of the search were all viable options in the right area, right price and had many of the amenities I was looking for.”


“We wanted to move back to London but thought we couldn't afford it. Your service helped us figure out a way to make the sums work”


“We wanted to live closer to our first grandchild. Your service helped us quickly find the right house in the right location for us - close but not too close!”


“We couldn't have moved without your help!”

Sarah and Alex

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