Hazel for Advisers

Help your clients get the most out of their property wealth

Better outcomes for clients
Help your clients decide whether to stay or move home, and prepare their finances accordingly
More revenue for your practice
Identify opportunities for additional AUM, protection, equity release and wealth structuring
Better regulatory compliance
Demonstrate to the regulator that you fully understand the client's circumstances before recommending equity release

Give your clients a balanced view on whether they should move home or age in place

Our 50-point assessment covers all relevant factors - e.g. the family situation, the value and condition of the current property, and how the client is feeling about living in their current home and neighbourhood

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Show the total costs of staying vs moving

We calculate the total cost of moving, the difference in running costs and expected one-off costs if your client is staying in their current home

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Improve the accuracy of your cashflow projections

Get a precise estimate of the amount of money that can be freed up by downsizing or equity release

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Identify new revenue opportunities

Explore personalised suggestions with your client after they have filled out the assessment

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Demonstrate to the FCA that you fully understand the client's property-related needs

Our assessment tool gives you robust evidence that help meet your Consumer Duty requirements. You can download a time-stamped PDF file of the client's assessment and store it in your CRM system

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